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If you want to buy or order a hat…

You can order a hat that you like directly from the site if you contact Couture Millinery Alina Ivashinenko by phone (Natalia Grygorieva+ 33783215533,+380990303887 Ukraine) or by e-mail If the model you like is available, the hat can be sent to your address on the next working day after the payment is received. If the model you have chosen is not available in the workshop at present, the milliners can produce a similar hat for you or make some individual additions (you can choose any other colour or extra decorations, order your individual size).

Depending on the design you have chosen, the process of making the hat can take from 5 days to 2 weeks. First of all, it is due to the fact that fabrics and materials for each hat are chosen individually for each order. You will be informed on the time it will take to produce your headgear as soon as we receive your order request. The period of production does not include the time it will take to send the item that you order. Please take it into account before you make your order.Our company's policy requires a 100% prepayment for the orders (it is caused by the peculiarities of the work). The work is started right after the payment is delivered to our account.

Payment and Delivery
Once we receive the payment confirmation, we start to work on your order. In addition, we will inform you about the status of your order by e-mail. We send you the hat after we receive the 100% prepayment confirmation. The FedEX package tracking number will follow on the day that your order is sent.
Ordered hats are not subject to exchange or return for the reason that they are made by individual measures and patterns.
If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Payment can be performed as follows:
*Visa money transfer
*Western Union money transfer
*PayPal transfer

Items are delivered to European and other countries as follows:
* We send our orders via FedEX service solely to ensure their quick delivery and eliminate any possibility of their loss.
* The cost of shipment is individual in every case, depending on the place of residence.

Every hat represented in our collections is a handmade item created by masters who pay scrupulous attention to every detail according to high standards of the design and production of haute couture headgear. We use fabrics and materials of the highest quality. Every hat in our workshop is made exclusively by the master’s hands, created by the designer herself from the first pattern to the final model, including trimmings, embroidery, flower making. We do not make any mass-produced headgear, we create small masterpieces in one single copy or in a very small quantity, because the design of every hat is unique and very individual.

If you want to discuss any specific order (shared participation in fashion demonstrations and shows, production of a hat collection for special purposes), the production in this case can take from 4 to 10 weeks.